Pressure sensitivity on the Wacom with Windows 10 not working.

So, for some reason, it appears that the pressure sensitivity funtionality for some users of Wacom does not work on Windows 10. After having looked all over the net, I never found a real solution.

There was some solutions that would make it work for a single session, but for each restart of Windows, it would be back to not working, and it would have to be done one more time.

However, I found this suggestion to a solution (The Wacom sensitivity Solution)… and it worked.

The name have changed a bit since this article was created, and you should now do the following instead.

Start -> Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility
From here you “Remove” All User Preferencess.

If it does not happen automatically you should re-calibrate your Wacom
Start -> Wacom Tablet Properties -> Calibrate
Click on “Calibrate” and follow the instructions.

Not, pen pressure sensitivity should be working again.

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