Getting ideas for games

Creativity, ahh, what a wonderful thing 🙂

The thing you come to realise, is that creativity is like any other part of being human. If you train it, you become better at it. This is why I try to draw a drawing every day, even for just 5 minutes, I just need to get the pencil in my hand, and practice the sensation of getting stuff from my brain and down to paper. I use instagram to practice my fear of showing my things to others using instagram, but I guess that is another topic, for another time 🙂 Buuut… you can find my instagram here , and it is actually, also the reason why I am writing on this blog.. not really to share my ideas and approach to the world, well, I do want to share, but it is also a way for me to improve my writing skills.

So, most people understands, that if you practice your drawing, you you become better.. but I have talked to a lot of people, who do seem to have the same experience with idea generation. For some reason , idea generation appears to be some sort of skill that people either have, or dont have, something that you are either born with or not.

To me, getting ideas is a skill that can be trained. Sure, there can be inspirational people around you that enforces your creativity, but to me that is part of being creative.. figuring out what inspires you, and what makes you tick, but also, learning to get ideas from unusual places.

Take this tool that I sometimes use “Ludum dare theme generator” – a generator that will give me a simple theme, that I will then try to generate a new idea based on. I will then write it down in my big black book of ideas, where I try to write down a few ideas each week, it does not matter if they are good or bad ideas, any ideas will work. Every time I do this, I become better at it for the next time. Now that I have generated a huge list of old ideas, I will then read these ideas, and will then combine them to get completely new ideas, meaning that some of the old bad ideas, now, in combination with other ideas actually become rather good.

Another technique that I use, is to think about problems that I need to come up with creative ideas for just before I go to sleep. This will make me dream about it, and most times, this will end up with me getting those ideas that works.

Anyways, enough sharing five minutes of fuckup from my side 😉

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