Social media marketing for games and what I gathered in my quest to understand the fish.

So, I have always been bad at using social media, and market my things. I mean, I have probably always been ashamed of anything I do, and it appears to never be good enough, so I just create stuff, and never share it with anyone. This is partly the reason for this blog(that I do not share with anyone to be honest 🙂 ) I want to practice sharing things public that I am ashamed of.

This post will be a living post, I will update it with new and exiting things when I come across it. you could argue, that a wordpress page would be better suited for this.. but you know.. this site is called Five minutes fuckup.. so I do as I please 🙂

I want to make a list of people who are doing things right and that are inspiring, but also locations where valuable information can be found, I will part this into the different categories:


@gracebruxner This girl is killing it, she is regular, and fun. Look at her tweets, they are awesome.


I guess what I found about Facebook, is that this is a difficult platform to use, mostly, because it is so crowded with information and commercials already, that it is almost impossible to get some attention, as all is trying to yell louder than everyone else. However, what I also found, was that talking and sharing your content in relevant groups, really are something that works.. well, at least it works better than just posting blindly.

The debug lounge: These guys have a fantastic podcast as well, and this is the community they also have. However, this is more of a developer community, than a place to do marketing.


One of the things that are interesting about Instagram, is that people react to nice images. And with nice, it is a little hard to tell what that means, but I guess that in essence this means, that the pictures have to have some level of quality to it, primarily from an aesthetic point of view. Second thing that have some influence on what makes a post popular is the tags. I have been experimenting a bit with this for a while, and found out, that more people than you would think is reacting to different tags, and are following them. This means that relevant tags are something that can be used to spread awareness and gather followers, but this only happens if the post/images are of a high quality.


This will also be updates as soon as I have more information about places that are worth to investigate. Currently, this is really difficult, and I need to use some more time investigating and writing posts here. But in general, I should be able to generate some attention about my games by asking questions here, and in general commenting on other peoples stuff.

Articles of interest

This is a list of articles that I find interesting


Independent Games Festival

Nordic Game  : I have attended this a few times, there is some nice talks, and it is an ok way of promoting your game in the nordic region.

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    1. It is a figure of speech 🙂 I was trying to be fun in the title. In essence, it means that there is something I do not understand (the fish, I live on land, the fish live in water) and I am trying to understand it.

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