New marketing ideas

I dont know if Marketing is the right word to use here, but I have been thinking about how I could create some attention and awareness around my games. One is of course, social media, but I guess there is other and also effective ways to create attention.


I will be looking for competitions where I can add my games, if it is simply part of any competition, wether I win or not, will generate some traffic. Here it is important to find places where it is possible to find some places that have these kinds of competitions. Competitions could be something like “Nordic Game” or the “Unity for Humanity” competitions.

Game reviews

Even though this one might be a bit difficult to force, there is some power in having someone write games reviews for you. One idea I am having here, is to create a group of developers, where we review each others games, or, maybe not review them, but write articles that showcase these games. Maybe even create a sort of IndieGameCollective that shares ideas and thoughts about how to create and promote games.

Writing game reviews for other games is also something that should be considered here, as writing some reviews, and putting these on your site, so that traffic is driven towards the site.

So the action I am going to take here, is to find the following.

  • Find places that write game review of games, and let them know that games are being created.
  • Set up a IndieGameCollective, find out what the form something like this should take.
  • Write some game reviews for other games and publish them.

Ending notes

It is important to note here, that this have been a post.. that is truly what this site is about… 5 minute fuckups… these are merely thoughts from my brain, that have not be thought through in any shape or form. But for me, this was a helpful exercise. If you took your time to read all of this, and thought,., hey, I would love to participate in a IndieGameCollective, then please write me a comment here below, I will see it, and get back to you.

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