Life Sucks… And then you die!

I always thought that this was a peculiar sentence? I never really understood why someone would says this?

I once worked with a guy, who every Monday, would say the sentence: Life is like one long piece of shit – and every day you have to take a big bite! Pretty funny, I will admit, but when you think about it, it really is a destructive way to think about life, and I do believe that there is a link between what you say and how you perceive reality – and I also believe that things like this affects the surroundings of the person talking.

So, to get back to a life that sucks… where you die in the end. I hear this sentence used in situations where people are under pressure, and try to use excuses for not being able to complete the tasks at hand at level that they are satisfied with – aka being a whiny bitch. One could think that it is a suiting comment in a situation where a person is being a whiny bitch, because ultimately, it is a very fitting sentence to the situation.

With that all said, I have a general thought, that saying negative things, breed negative thoughts, and having negative thoughts – is really bad for you. So even if the sentence is appropriate, the thoughts behind it is not.

I come from a place in the country, where no one ever says anything positive about anything – when something is really good, the best comment you can hope for is – “it’s not bad”. Nothing is ever good, it is “not bad”, nothing is beautiful it is “not ugly” – this behaviour is really destructive, and  brings nothing with it, except for depression.

What I am trying to say here is; if you keep saying negative things about your life and your surroundings, you will end up believing it and it will end up being the truth.

I understand the irony in calling this blog “Five Minute Fuckup” – But this is my site, and this is my place to do fuckups.

Life rocks.. and then you die!

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