Hello world!

So – this is me – and my Five minutes fuckup.

I am probably not going to share this with anyone, so if you find this page, and like it; good for you, but remember, this is my party, and I fuckup if I want to. 🙂

Now, you probably sit and wonder, why then have this page? Why the trouble of using time writing this shit?

Well, honestly, I want to be better at writing, and I believe that writing will help me become better at the stuff that I am writing about – so there you have it – self help –

There will be no red thread about what I will write about – it will be anything that I find interesting – (So there will probably be alot of information about Game Design, since that interest me alot)

Anyways, I do not really have anything more to write here now – this is my first written fuckup – I hope there will be many more.

So – Hello world! – Here I am

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