Updating the Google play page

As you might have read, I have used some time figuring out how to market my game Princess and Unicorn – and more or less effective I must confess. I have had a lot of plans, but most of them have been ineffective and have given me no real traffic. At the same time I have used some time trying to figure out how to port the game to iPhone. I talked to some smart people at the Indie game Slack channel that gave me some great advice and good ideas on how to move along.

I realised that I needed to take some care of where I put my energy. And have taken the following decision.

  1. There is no point in using energy porting the game to iPhone, since it does not seem to generate anything on the Google play store, it will probably not get any attention on the Apple store either – no need to use energy there.
  2. The final place of conversion is happening at the Google play store. And the images and text there is really bad, before doing anything else, I will update that, so that at least, if someone find the page, then there is a chance that they will download it and try it.
  3. I will stop trying to improve the game – if it does not work now, then it is pretty sure that it will not work if I update it either. No need to use energy trying to fix this game.
  4. After much consideration, I decided to move on to the next project, and this is also where I will use my advertisement budget. Since this will be both more beautiful and fun to play.

Conclusion is, I have been using my time in way to many different direction – it is time for me to focus it down on single projects, instead of all over the place.

My first mission is now to start working on the Google play page, and really get that shining.

Here are some pointers that I want to read that is about optimising the Google play page.




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