Super Bao Runner – as a WebGL app

You can now play Super Bao Runner directly from your browser

The game that have its own Arcade machine and have apps for both iPhone and for Android now, also have a web version. I really wanted to tie a knot on this project, so that I can move on with other projects. So, here we have it, my runner game, now with global highscores in the form of SQL.

Special to the Web

  1. 3 Levels to play – one more difficult than the other
  2. Global highscore, meaning that everyone will see your highscore.
  3. Ghost runner – your own best run will be saved, and you will run against your own record on each level.

You can play the game on Web here:

You can find the Application on Google play here:

And for iPhone – here:

Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas to improvements. 🙂

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