Lenovo sucks – The Yoga P40 that never worked.

For about 4 months now, I have been fighting with Lenovo, to either give me my money back, or to repair the computer they sold me that NEVER worked. So far it have been fruitless.

I feel rediculed and offended that they are either mocking me on purpose… or mocking me with incompetence.

Here is the mail that Lenovo send me after complaining after 3’rd attempt to repair

Hello Thorben

Please be kindly advised, we can offer you only repair. Per Lenovo Warranty limited Terms and Conditions you are entitled for wararnty repair. For refund claims please kindly contact your Point of Sale.

Please kindly reply if you agree with repair or you wish to got for refund claim via reseller.

Thank you

Take note, that I bought the computer from Lenovo – I have mentioned this on several occations, but still they seem unaware that this is actually the case.

Here is my reply to the mail.

Hi Andrej

To make sure nothing is misunderstood: I wish to go for a refund claim via reseller (Reseller is Lenovo -> You)

Ok, I understand you, and I understand that you are only following procedures.

To start of, I would like my money back, and it surprises me that you are asking me to ask the reseller for a refund…. because you guys are my reseller, I bought the machine from your website! I have attached the receipt. Its annoying (but not surprising) that you do not know this? (Its been mentioned on several occasions and I would think that you could see that in your system)

Second: I bought this machine with the fault from factory, this have NEVER worked. The reason for my delay of complaining was because I have just started a business, and have been really busy, and I wanted to make sure that it was not a software problem so I have tried to fix this the software way untill I was absolutely sure that this is a hardware problem. (And I am pretty sure as well, that this is a fault in the motherboard… but that is just me… working with computers for 20 years.. having seen problems like this many times.. making a qualified guess. Since I am not trying to break the warranty by fixing this myself, as I do not have the spare parts to do this anyways”

If you were offering me a repair, I would take it – after all, all I want is a working computer. But since I have now send it in 3 time… each time being mocked by the repair team, either on purpose or by their incompetence, I do not believe that this is in fact what you are offering – what you are offering, is a free “vacation in a box” for my computer.

I will keep it brief, but once more, quickly let you guys know the history:

First time I send it in, I create a video showing the problem, and I try to be as precise in my problem description as possible. I have worked with computer for the last 20 years, so I know how much a proper repro-case and a video can help you when troubleshooting, especially when it is a periodic problem (It happens between one time per second to one time per minute or something like that) . However, your repair team changed the screen and exchanged the pen and send it back… apparently without testing if it solved the problem – because within seconds of trying the fault was still there.

Second time I send it, I attached a note (I have attached this to this mail as well) with a description on paper (with the pin code to the computer so they HAD to read it to log in to the computer) – they send the computer back with a “Unable to reproduce” … so did they even try?

Third time I send it, I added to the note that they should make sure to test it in Tablet mode, since this is where the bug is most frequent (I expected them to do this previously, since there is no point in drawing in Laptop mode.. its simply not practical. And you want to test is close to an actual use case if you are trying to reproduce something if you are a professional). I was asked if it was ok to re-install. And I said yes (I knew this would not help. I have of course made sure that all drives and Software was up to date… I even installed Lenovo bloatware to make sure that there was not any actual software in there that would make it work), but with the condition that they actually tested with running software like Photshop or something like that to emulate and actual working environment. The computer was returned with a message that after the re-install, everything was working, and I translate a quote that was writte in bold from the letter explaining me what was done: “If you do not update your software correct, your computer might give you errors, and the same error might re-appear” (This is pretty insulting to me)
– First thing I did after recieving it was to install “Artrage” and the moment I put the pen to the screen … the error was still there.

So forgive me the lack of trust I have in your offer to “repair” the computer – I have no trust that you are capable of repairing it.. because even with through explanation, reproduction cases, videos and much more.. you are not able to reproduce a simple error that takes me a few seconds to reproduce.

To end the mail: Since you are the re-seller, I will claim my refund from you (as you suggested yourself)

Kind regards


I am now waiting for their reply – I will update this post

For those of you interested in seeing the problem in action, here is the video

Notice how the cursor jumps to the top of the screen all the time!

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