Social media marketing for games and what I gathered in my quest to understand the fish.

So, I have always been bad at using social media, and market my things. I mean, I have probably always been ashamed of anything I do, and it appears to never be good enough, so I just create stuff, and never share it with anyone. This is partly the reason for this blog(that I do not share with anyone to be honest 🙂 ) I want to practice sharing things public that I am ashamed of.

This post will be a living post, I will update it with new and exiting things when I come across it. you could argue, that a wordpress page would be better suited for this.. but you know.. this site is called Five minutes fuckup.. so I do as I please 🙂

I want to make a list of people who are doing things right and that are inspiring, but also locations where valuable information can be found, I will part this into the different categories:


@gracebruxner This girl is killing it, she is regular, and fun. Look at her tweets, they are awesome.


The debug lounge: These guys have a fantastic podcast as well, and this is the community they also have. However, this is more of a developer community, than a place to do marketing.


I do not have anything truly inspiring to say about instagram yet, but I will be updating this when I come across someone .


This will also be updates as soon as I have more information about places that are worth to investigate.

Articles of interest

This is a list of articles that I find interesting

A really good article about how to plan when doing Social marketing


Independent Games Festival

Nordic Game  : I have attended this a few times, there is some nice talks, and it is an ok way of promoting your game in the nordic region.

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